10 Things to Check Before You Do Long Drive

A nice, long trip could be a lovely venture for you to explore. You can take yourself and your family to another part of the country that you’ve never yet seen. You might want to check out some potential homes or job prospects. You may be leaning toward driving your car to get there. That’s a fine idea, but you have to go through a checklist to ensure that you get to your destination safely. The following are the 10 things you need to check before you take a long drive:

1. Your Documentation

The first thing you need to check before you go on a long trip is your documentation. You need to make sure that your driving license is current, and you have car insurance. You may also want to invest in a roadside assistance plan in case you experience a breakdown along the way. You can obtain one through your insurance company or a separate entity.

Once you know all your documents are present and current, you need to put them in an easily accessible compartment in the car. That way, you will have them on hand if you need to show them to an authority figure.

2. Your Fuel Level

Your fuel level is another item you must check before you take a long trip. Your goal should be to decrease the number of stops you have to take along the way. A smart piece of advice is to fill your tank all the way before you leave. You can stop to refill once you use up half your tank.

3. Your Tires

Your tires are the foundation of your car, so you have to pay close attention to their condition. You must make sure they have adequate and even tread. Look for problem indicators such as bubbles, low pressure and exposed wires and tend to them immediately.

4. Your Brakes

You should have a good amount of brakes on your car before you take a long trip because you don’t want to experience stopping issues. Have someone inspect your brakes to ensure that you have at least 25 percent left on them.

5. Your Emergency Kit

You need to check your trunk to make sure you have emergency items in it that can get you through rough times if they arise. Examples of items you’ll need to have on hand are a jack, a spare tire, tools, jumper cables, water and a spare smartphone or battery.

6. Your Oil

The motor oil is your car’s lifeline, so you will have to check its level and consistency. Refill the oil if it’s low and have someone inspect your car to investigate the cause of it. Change your oil at this time to ensure that you’re running on fresh lubrication.

7. Your Coolant

Check your antifreeze level so that you have enough of it to cool your engine during the long drive. Your trip will put a strain on the motor, and you’ll want to protect it from overheating.

8. Your Hoses

Check your hoses to make sure that none of them has punctures, frays or dry rotted spots. You don’t want to lose coolant or another important element while you’re driving to your destination.

9. Your Battery

Have someone check your battery for strength and life. Allow this person to examine the terminals and clean them if they’re causing any connection problems.

10. Your Lights

Your lights keep you safe while you’re driving, and they also prevent you from getting pulled over by a police officer. Check all of your lights to make sure they’re all working perfectly. Replace any bulbs that are broken or dysfunctional.

You can prepare yourself for a long trip by having a premier automotive mechanic inspect your vehicle before you go. This person will let you know if you need to perform any minor repairs or maintenance tasks before you set out on your mission. Visit Black Label Automotive at https://blacklabelautomotive.com.au/ to find out about the top-notch mechanical services you can receive. You’ll be glad you took the time to invest in your journey.



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