1100HP 2JZ SUPRA POWERED Honda S2000! One Of The BADDEST STREET CARS To Join The Fight On The Streets Of Texas!!!

Get ready to get your minds blown away by this super sleeper! In this case with have two outstanding car brands from the lovely country of Japan, combined together to brought up a vicious, street killer that could be a serious threat in street racing for all the American muscle cars. What’ve got here is a wild Honda S2000 driven by insane Supra power!

This is a spectacular Honda S2000 which has the monumental Toyota 2JZ engine under the hood which gives the car an astonishing amount of 1,100 horsepower, thanks to some extensive improvement. The car was recently spotted by none other than the guys at the famous YouTube channel 1320Video, who are always dealing with various street races.

One of the most famous engines in the history of cars is the 2JZ. This engine was worn in the fourth and last generation Toyota Supra. Seeing the value of the engine many other car owners wanted to put it under the hood, as this Honda S2000 owner did. With so much power and other tuned cars next to it is not difficult to imagine that an epic street battle followed, but the opponents were equally strong, if not more than the Honda S2000.

The driver of this Honda S2000 decided to use six-speed transmission, which makes this a rather unique street race! Rowing gears with 1,100 hp in your car is not an easy feat to take, especially when you match up against the automatic transmission in the twin turbocharged Coyote engine of a Ford Mustang, or a six-speed Toyota Supra which makes roughly the same amount of horsepower, or even a Mitsubishi Evo with 800hp! We are certain that this Honda S2000 with Toyota Supra 2JZ engine will be remembered in street racing history as one of the most unique and ferocious street racing cars!


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