MAGNIFICENT & CLASSY RIDES All From The ‘50s: 1959 Chrysler 300E, 1950 Willys Jeepster & 1959 Edsel Ranger At 2015 Miami Motor Show!!! Which One Would You Chose?

Here on this special video, we have two special cars that caught our attention on the 2015 Miami Motor Show. The first one is the well-known 1959 Chrysler 300E, which was painted red and looked magnificent. The team did a very good job with this car, delivered extraordinary results.

The 1959 Chrysler 300E is a special version made only for the North-American market. The car has nice rear wheel drive, with the great but not so fast three speed automatic gearbox, which has longer speeds than the usual. But we know what that means, revving the engine up to the highest RPM!

The massive engine which is featured in the car, was very popular in the 1960s, the 6.7-liter engine which has a total output power of amazing 380 horsepower. The theoretical maximum speed of this car is 208 km/h but after the customization that this team has done to the car, this speed has enhanced for sure.

The other car on the video is the beautiful restored Edsel Ranger made also in 1959, with all the original parts kept and restored, looks so simple yet so appealing. You must see these classics from late 50s posing proudly at the 2015 Miami Motor Show.


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