1967 Chevy Nova AKA The HULK Packing 2500 HP On LOW BOOST! Two MASSIVE Pro-Mod 88mm Turbos Into The Front Grille FOR EVERYONE TO ADMIRE!!!

Amazing video from the Rocky Mountain Race Week where all the excitement starts and ends. Great racers and cars can be seen here and we were so lucky to see the incredible Hulk. Hulk is the nickname of the 1967 Chevy Nova that has been so muscled up that there is no match for this fighter. Same as the Hulk, this is one hero that beats them all up, chews them and spits them right out.

The paint job is done so well on this body and the shine is great under the sunlight. The engine is placing around 2500 HP on the wheels of this magnificent green Chevy Nova and that is more than enough to win a race. The total weight of the car is around 1350 pounds. Now that is not too much for a race car and for such powerful beast under the hood.

This is an all-steel car except for some small aluminum parts and glass fiver hood that is mounted. When you see the twin turbo chargers mounted on the both sides of the engines some of you might get scared. These are twin 88mm turbo chargers that are the largest ones that can be found on the market. How much air pressure they can place in the engine is just unbelievable. What a great burnout this car is capable of doing, the tires are just eaten to the wires in a couple of seconds.

There are much larger wheels mounted in the back same like all the drag race cars but this one has also the drag race bar mounted on the rear bumper too. As this power is taken from the power plant the car might get airborne and that is not the style of driving that the owner wants out of the 1967 Chevy Nova.


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