Bravery or sheer madness?! See This Guy Driving At 200 km/h on roller skates behind a Dodge Challenger SRT8!!

I can not actually describe this video since I am a little confused. Is it courage or sheer madness when a person clings to a high power car, skids and drives at some heavy dangerous speeds?

For most of us, riding shotgun in an awesome Dodge Challenger SRT8 is badass enough. But not for this guy obviously. In a genuine Marty McFly manner, watch as he glides at the back of the red 593-hp Challenger, being all cool, holding to the bumper and praying to God for his dear life as the SRT8 accelerates down the runway reaching 200 km/h in only few seconds.

This video was filmed at Race55+ Performance Day, an event held by Club550+ and Petrolhead Events at the German airfield of Meinerzhagen.

Honestly, I do not know how those roller skates endured behind the Dodge Challenger SRT8. I know one thing for sure though: their next destination is the trash can 🙂

Check out this once in a lifetime event on the next video:


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