2,000HP GT-R Dominating The TX2K15 Roll Race!!! The Nissan GT-R WILL NEVER STOP TO SURPRISE US…

Every time when we see the GT-R name on the video or some article on the Internet or even in newspapers we get excited because we know that something special and mind-blowing is related to him. Honestly you have read something about the Nissan GT-R here that is not stunning? Yeah, we know the haters are going to hate and dislike but we must admit, he is more than a racing car, he is an icon, an idea transformed into the ultimate ride!

What to say about this Nissan GT-R, ETS turbo kit with twin Super 99 turbo kit and one intention at the team side, to win the crown in the “Unlimited Class” at TX2k15! You know what that means, an insane competition and hungry beast parked on the start line each one hungry enough to torn the opponent on pieces and eat his heart and pride!

But what this Nissan GT-R demonstrated there was completely insane, not 1300WHP, not 1,600WHP but insanely 2,200WHP! This video is a must watch! You need to see him how is beating another Nissan GT-Rs and many other rides. Enjoy the video folks!


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