2006 Dodge Cummins Boosted To 961hp – Ridiculously Powerful Truck DETERMINED TO SET RAMPAGE On The Dyno!!!

You won’t believe us but we decided to tell you this story about a 2006 Dodge Cummins. Every once in awhile an all-American truck conquers the world. Going back through time we stopped at 2006, which passed not so long ago. In that year was born one exceptional 2006 Dodge Cummins truck.

Back then, this Dodge Ram didn’t have any pretensions to conquer the world but it had a vision of becoming the most powerful street legal truck on the US continent. How the years were passing the technology was evolving and our buddy didn’t lose any time, it was keeping up with the latest improvements and continued to pump its muscles.

Almost ten years after, the steroids he took in its young ages appeared to be successful doping and now, our 2006 Dodge Cummins is counting amazingly 961HP! Believe it or not, now, when it understands the power it owns, its mind is completely changed!

Just hear it roaring on the Dyno track, we thought it almost explode it. But we hope that it won’t start a conquering war instead it will keep up on the improvements and next year it will beat what accomplished on that video.

One is for sure, it is one naïve looking white pearl colored 2006 Dodge Cummins until the moment the up gear shifts are executed and the pressure is applied on the throttle, then the turbo will terrorize your ears and your eyes will be in awe after the black smoke is released from the exhaust. It’s a beautiful video with lot of adrenaline squeezed in less than two minutes.

That can only grant you pleasure while watching it. And you’ll see why we really love diesel trucks so much! Enjoy the video and don’t forget to comment.


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