WHEN -20F IS BALMY: Take A Sneak Peek At The Newest 2017 Ford Super Duty Undergoing EXTREME COLD WEATHER TESTING!!!

Here it is the, the 2017 Ford Super Duty deep freeze test, to show to us that this truck is reliable and it will never leave us out on the cold days.

Many trucks have problems with starting and running when the temperature is deep below zero, and we will waste the battery before the engine has started. That’s why the Ford is put to the test, at a very low temperature at -20F, to prove that it will start any time and it will get us anywhere that we want to go.

We have the diesel calibration supervisor talking on the video, where he explains that the truck is also a safety vehicle, so when you are out in the middle of the ice and snow, the trucks needs to take you to a safe warm cabin, with no problem at all.

They also make modifications to the computer of the truck too, to make sure that the fuel and air mixture is at the right amount, because out in the cold different mixture is required then on the normal situations. We have a start up on the video too, it is amazing how fast this engine starts.


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