4 Reasons to Purchase a Bluetooth Car Kit

Bluetooth is a handy wireless technology that allows you to stream content from one device to another. What adds to its value is that this technology does not require any nuisance cables, cords, and adapters to communicate with other devices. It’s all wireless and really convenient for car travel. You can use Bluetooth through a headset, GPS device, and even your cell phone.

Because it’s so convenient and can be used everywhere, Bluetooth is definitely here to stay. With this in mind, there are certainly several ways of making use of it when on the road. You might have friends that have new cars with Bluetooth capabilities built-in. If your car didn’t come integrated with the technology, you have the option to buy bluetooth for car use in the form of external car kits. These can be easily plugged into a port and used all day long.

Not convinced yet? Here’s why you’ll love upgrading with Bluetooth:

1. Make and Receive Phone Calls

This is the first that springs to mind when it comes to most Bluetooth users’ favorite features. Making and receiving phone calls via HFP (hands-free profile) is a charming tool Bluetooth provides its users with. Connecting your mobile device to a Bluetooth car kit can authorize the connection.

Depending on the phone and head unit being handled, you may be equipped to performing the following tasks:

  • Place and receive calls
  • Dial via head unit or voice commands
  • Access and edit your address book via the touchscreen interface


2. Send and Receive Text Messages

As you know, reading let alone responding to text messages on the road is extremely dangerous. This is where MAP (Message Access Profile) Bluetooth comes in to assist. If this feature is incorporated into your head unit, you’ll be able to access text messages from your phone without you having to lift a finger.

When paired with the text-to-speech, speech-to-text or a variety of pre-programmed replies, this Bluetooth feature proves its road safety worthiness.


3. Connect to the World in Your Car

So your head unit comes with jam-packed built-in apps for services like Spotify. Streaming music wirelessly couldn’t be easier with your Bluetooth car kit. That’ll make your car journey’s all the more upbeat and fresh.

However, you’ll require an internet connection for this to happen and this is where Bluetooth technology comes in. If your mobile device and network support Bluetooth tethering, you can feed your phone’s internet connection directly to your head unit and make this musical journey happen. However, it might be a good idea to explore your mobile hotspot option instead as this kind of tethering can eat through your bill.


4. Diagnose Engine Problems

Believe it or not, this is actually possible! If you have access to an Android smartphone, you’ll suddenly be able to diagnose your car’s problems.

For example, you can:

  • Obtain codes
  • Check PIDs (Parameter IDs)
  • Diagnose your check engine light all through a handy Bluetooth car kit

Grab some scanner software from the App Store or Google Play, plug a scan tool into your car’s on-board diagnostics connector, pair it to your phone, and off you go!

The Takeaway

Bluetooth is firmly cemented as a necessary tool for everyone, and it is a great feature to use in the car. Connecting with the world hands-free couldn’t be easier without the hassle of being tangled up in cables and cords.

If your car does not already come with it pre-installed, you have the option to buy Bluetooth car kits. These kits are valuable and convenient. Even if you still have to insert them into one of your car’s ports, they provide many benefits and make the Bluetooth experience an exceptional one.


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