WOW! This 4 YEAR-OLD BOY DRIFTING A John Deere 24V Tractor!

Did someone just say that the tractors are not for drifting? Just take a look at our little hero how he is rocking it on this tiny 24V John Deere Tractor. Yeah, only in this case it can be accomplished with such a speed and instant electric acceleration. If it was a regular John Deere tractor it would be difficult to make those crazy spins.

Imagine a John Deere tractor with explosive acceleration, yeah, can you imagine a hellish drifting machine like that? This massive monster powered by a 280 hp engine with its known maneuverability and stability drifting on the drift track. We bet it will be one hell of a drift vehicle.

In the meantime, watch our brave and talented boy and try to scale the tractor so you might get our idea. Do you sense prospective drifting career in this cool kid?


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