5 AMAZING CAR LIFE HACKS That Will Make You The Best Car Owner! YOU’RE GONNA THANK ME After Seeing This!

Five incredible car life hacks which will improve the quality of your daily driving! It’s time for you guys to learn something very useful. We have another awesome tutorial guide for all of our curious readers. Why not make a quick holder for your mobile phone or satellite navigator?

As always the amazing YouTube author Dave Hax is here to broaden your automotive knowledge and teach you some of the coolest, and pretty clever car life hacks. We all love cars, so who wouldn’t want to learn a new life hacks for our cars. Some of these are pretty simple and easy to do, yet they would make the use of your car so much better and the driving experience a lot more comfortable.

For example, there isn’t a sole driver on this planet that doesn’t enjoy having a nice warm coffee while driving to work. But the tricky part about this is that often times during the ride our paper cups could spill so we end up with a big mess in the car. And Dave Hax has come up with a very simple and most effective way how to solve this problem. The only thing you need is a duct tape. Just place the duct tape on the passenger seat and place the cup in the hole of the tape. That way it will be fixed in one steady position.

One of the car life hacks in the video shows how to stop your windows from steaming up. If you want to learn more details on this hack just read our article. Fixing a slow seat belt is of course very important problem to be solved, since the seat belt is one of the crucial elements for safety in your car. Of course you guys have probably heard already about the DIY on making your own cell phone case. To use these hacks you won’t need any special tools, but only simple products that you might even have already in your home.

This is just one of the five car life hacks in the video featured below.


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