5 Best RVs You Can Drive This Summer

The best recreational vehicle to use during summer depends on its ability to fulfill the needs of the users within their given budget. RV is divided into Class A, B, and C. Class A being the largest and expensive as it offers luxurious space and a five-star hotel vibe. Class B is also known as “campervans” is the smallest and is usually built on van chassis. Class C composed of middle-size RV built on truck chassis but is smaller than Class A. 


If you’re looking for the best RV to use this summer, we pick the best five recreational vehicles from the most expensive to the cheapest price. Each offers different services and built-in appliances depending on your needs and your budget. We are going to list their features for you to decide which one will suit your summer vacation RV dream trip.


2020 Winnebago View 24D Class A


If you like a white modern look style, this latest Winnebago RV is for you. With the length of 25’5” and a height of 10’8’’, 6 feet tall people will surely don’t have to adjust to roam around. It has a sleeping and a seatbelt capacity of 4 persons.

To start with, this RV has 2 sleeping beds. The first is a convertible sofa bed which can be converted via a switch and the other is located above the driver seat which can be adjusted manually.

With its spacious and lots of storage cabinets in the kitchen, this greatly fits for a family or friends who loves cooking during trips. It has a stainless steel sink which is covered by a cutting board, and a space in the middle of the stove and a sink to place the ingredients. You can choose between a burner and an induction stove to cook your meal. It’s like having the best of both worlds with these options.

You can store your things under the burner with its three drawers underneath and one under the sink. The freshwater system can hold up to 30 gallons with a built-in filtration system. It also has a built-in microwave and refrigerator. Above the freezer, you can find the tank level, battery level, and solar panel controller. Beside is the pantry with multiple drawers to store your ingredients and spices.

The dining area has a U-shaped sofa with seatbelts. A footrest is at the edge of the sofa so you can sit with your back against the walls while watching the television.


When it comes to the restroom, it has a sink, a toilette, and a shower. Showering inside can be uncomfortable if you are bigger than 6 feet, so it has an additional shower hose outside.

This RV uses Mercedes chassis and has a touch screen control system in the driver seat. With its 12- gallon propane tank, barbeque and outside cooking is no big deal. Just in case something went wrong with its 3600-Watt generator, you can easily replace it with an emergency chilling rental system.


2020 Newmar Baystar Sport Class A

This luxurious and spacious RV uses the Ford F53 chassis and Ford V10 gas engine. This makes driving smoother even with lots of loads. It also comes with a standard hydraulic jack to avoid unnecessary movements.

This RV can house six people and can accept additional guests. The interior design is a classic with a touch of modern look. It has 50-inch TV that is remotely pulled out from the cabinet below. The kitchen and the entertainment room sofa are also convertible to bed.

Like other class A RVs it also offers lots of storage around the couch and above the ceiling. It has smoke detectors, residential size microwave, gas stove, and oven. Unlike the 2020 Winnebago View 2D, Newmar Sport offers a more residential feel with its spacious size. This RV is more advisable if you have kids around while traveling as they can roam and play around the living area.


WINNEBAGO 2018 25T Class A

If you want a basic and standard feature of an RV, this will surely fit you. It is spacious like the Winnebago View 2D but offers less but amendable features.

It has a twin size bed that can be converted into a king-sized mattress. A couch with seatbelts that can flip to a bed.

This RV also offers lots of storage, microwave, and refrigerator. The thing which makes this RV stand-out from its newest version is the spacious bathroom it provides. The shower though located with a toilette and a sink offers moderate space to move around.

With its size, an emergency rental chiller can be easily fit through this RV.

2020 Leisure Travel Van Serenity Class B

With 24’6’’ long and 8’2’’ wide, with four-person capacity, this RV though not spacious enough can still give you the best summer camp.

The interior design of this RV also offers a modern look with an entertainment area behind the back seat. It has five chairs, 3 sofas, and two swivel chairs which is the driver and the front seat with seatbelts. The sofa can be converted into a double-sized bed. This entertainment space can also be converted to a dining area. Just place the stand and mount the table and lock in its place.

It can also be used as a computer and work desk.

At the back, there is a working area with a table that can be also converted to a memory-foam bed with a TV in front and storage above.

The storage areas are located at the upper portion of the RV with 8 storage doors that can be open easily. Storage can also be found below the entertainment sofas. It has a window above which can be adjusted depending on the weather. This RV is fully-air-conditioned which comes from the front and the back end.

Breakers and other control system switches are also located below the sofa seat. The sink and the induction 2 burners though quite small are manageable to use with storage underneath. It also has a microwave, and a refrigerator which can be open on either side. The pulled-out pantry is like a drawer but with separation for your spices.

With its equalizer jack, it prevents your RV from unnecessary movement. A solar panel is also present in this RV. Due to its size, fitting an emergency chiller rental is a challenge.


Gulf Stream Conquest Class C

This company has been in the industry since 1983. They allow you to choose from different floor plans to suit your needs. If the bathroom is more important to you than the entertainment area, they can make modifications to fit your needs.

Though smaller than Class A, this RV offers the standard features of recreational vehicles. It offers simple yet useful control system. It has outside speakers and outlets to assist you during camping.

Like other RV’s it has lots of storage in both outside and inside of the vehicle. It has TV’s, microwave, refrigerator, and air-conditioning as well.

With its simple features, this RV is advisable to use for a limited budget and short summer vacation.


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