5 Different Cars with Unique Navigation Features

Some of us old-timers grew up watching David Hasselhoff talk to his car, Kit, on the show Knight Rider and, boy, did that seem like some futuristic stuff. Needless to say, that show hasn’t aged well, as we can now talk to our cars and so much more. Driverless cars could even soon be a regular “thing” seen on the road. TV shows aside, many of us now buy cars based on these types of bells and whistles, included advanced GPS systems. If you’re in the market to buy and searching for some cool finds, read on for five examples of various cars with unique navigation features.

  1. Mercedes Benz and Toyota’s Restaurant Guides

If you’re driving in an area that’s new to you and you’ve got “hangry” passengers, finding a restaurant that you can all agree on might be challenging. As this Forbes.com article points out, “Navigation systems in Acura and Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a Zagat Guide feature to find and route you to recommended restaurants.” The Toyota Entune system even has an OpenTable app that allows you to make a restaurant reservation right from your car—just make sure you’re already signed up for the service in order to use it.


  1. Your Own Personal Tour Guide in the Buick, Acura, and Honda

A navigation system is nearly a must for everyone these days when considering a car purchase, but how about buying a car that actually show you around town, so to speak? The Buick IntelliLink system has a travel guide feature that shows local attractions, which is great if you’re in a town that you haven’t visited before. Boredom be gone! Honda even has a Scenic Route feature that will recommend great drives in all 50 states, which is perfect for those with the wanderlust.


  1. Audi’s Customizable Navigation and Parking Finder

Curious what premium navigation looks like? Head to your local Audi dealers in Florida—or wherever your nearest lost may be— to experience it for yourself. The latest Audi A3 comes with a virtual cockpit that has a fully digital 12.3-inch display. It’s the age of enlightenment, indeed, as it allows you to customize information such as audio and Google Earth navigation. It offers Classic and Infotainment modes to boot. You’ll never get lost again… although you might want to when driving this luxury vehicle.

If you’ve also wished that parking fairies did exist (hello, city living), you’ll love Audi’s Parking Finder feature. The Audi Connect system accesses real-time data to help you find the availability and price of nearby parking. And if you’re directionally challenged, it will even help navigate you right to the parking garage. These are just a number of Audi innovations that make this manufacturer well-worth your consideration.

  1. Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge Emergency Services Information

Found in these three makes of vehicles, this feature could save your life. It helps to locate the nearest hospital, police station, or other emergency services that might be needed. The address and phone number are provided and, depending on the type of car, the route to the hospital will also be available.


  1. Any Car With Connectivity

Can’t live without the internet? Now you don’t have to disconnect while you’re driving. It might sound a bit over-the-top, but this is an especially handy feature for those in busy industries that need information on the go. In fact, this Wired.com article notes, “A new survey of 6,000 drivers by Nielsen found that 26% of connected car drivers already connect to the internet every time they get in their vehicles, and an impressive 88% consider internet-enabled navigation to be important or very important.” That article is a couple years old, so you can count on that percentage to have surely increased since then. As this Medium.com article puts it, “Acknowledging the speed of these developments over the last two decades, it’s hard to deny the fact that we’re moving closer to a fully-connected future every single day.” And that includes our cars.

Bells and whistles? More like holograms and spaceships! The new navigation and other features that can come with vehicles these days are pretty high-tech. Try any of the ones listed in this article and your life will surely become easier.




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