5 Things to Remember When Road Tripping to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is an incredible spectacle that never gets old; the awesome power of so much water crashing down is one of nature’s greatest sights. If you have young kids, it’s an amazing way to introduce them to the wondrous world they live in.

Planning a road trip to Niagara Falls is a great summer activity that your kids will love. Need an itinerary? There are always a few must-do’s that you have to take care of before setting out.

Here are some top tips to make sure your trip isn’t spoiled by a lack of foresight:

1) Check the Car

First, let’s take care of the basics. Has your car had an inspection? It’s a great opportunity to check that the brakes are working properly, make sure the engine isn’t going to give up along the way, and generally just to do a bit of maintenance!

It’s also a great time to get any minor damage sorted to your windows or windshield. You want the best possible view, so checking into a local auto glass repair shop is a solid move before you set off. This also helps set everyone’s nerves at ease -- nobody likes driving with a cracked screen!

2) Pack Your Hamper

Bringing a picnic doesn’t just help you save money; it creates picturesque memories. As the Falls are such a popular spot, buying food when you’re there costs a lot. It’s not a bad idea to get your banquet prepared ahead of time.

There’s such a lovely intimacy to a picnic with your kids, though. Putting a bit of work into a great spread will only make the trip more exciting for them, and should ensure that you’re all talking about That Time We Went to Niagara Falls for years to come.

And make sure you pack enough for a whole day! Nobody wants to be rushing home because bellies are rumbling in the evening.

3) In-Car Entertainment

It’s not the longest of road trips, but anyone with kids knows that even a five-minute drive to the store can turn into anarchy in seconds. Make sure you have some good entertainment! If they don’t have their own entertainment (tablets, books, games etc.) or they get car sick, audio books are a great way to keep them focused.

Something light and entertaining, such as Roald Dahl, is perfect for a trip of this length. It’s sure to keep them spellbound throughout the journey -- and maybe even looking forward to the trip back!

4) Weather

This one is tricky. Good weather means it’ll be far busier, whereas bad weather means poor visibility. It’s really a judgement call. Being able to see properly is always a nice thing, and it certainly makes the prospect of a picnic more appealing.

On the other hand, if you like to walk on the wild side, a bad weather day might be the perfect opportunity. It’ll be far less busy, and seeing the raw power of the Falls in rainy, windy conditions only shows just how awesome nature can be. Just bring a poncho!

5) Consider the Border

If you think there’s a possibility of crossing into the U.S. at any point during your trip, make sure you have all appropriate documentation and permissions sorted in advance. The borders can get confusing in the area around the lakes, so don’t get caught out! Plan your route in advance and know where you want to be.

When you’re all set, get going! There really aren’t many sights on Earth quite like it, and you can be sure the kids will remember it forever. When you’re ready, get everyone into the car and enjoy!


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