What Can You Do With 500,000 Lego Pieces? How About LIFE SIZE LEGO CAR POWERED BY AIR!

Yeah, you can build a weekend house, small town, robots or small cars, literally everything that will come up on your mind. But have you ever considered of making something fully fabricated from Lego pieces that you can start it with one button and which will work?

With today’s technology we wouldn’t be surprised, but producing a fully workable car, yeah not scaled, is insane!  But these two guys Steve Sammartino from Australia and Raul Oaida from Romania have the courage to make that happen. They manufactured a whole car from 500,000 Lego pieces! Isn’t that amazing?

It is, and it is not only the car body! All the car details, starting from the chassis, the rims, the body, the engine are fully fabricated from Legos! And the question that arises here is: How can an engine from Legos run?

Yeah, it can! Play the video bellow and see this huge Lego car, one of its kind. Just look how it is moving powered by the air Lego engine while transporting one man! You will be in awe after watching this video. Guys, you are geniuses and you deserve lifetime salary from the Lego Company!


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