6 Authentic Used Cars to Buy

Getting a car is never an easy decision. The idea itself needs much planning, and finally, when you decide to get a car, it eats up much investment. Whether you get a new car or a used one is entirely up to you. However, a new car is never always affordable, but used cars can be well within your budget.

However, when purchasing used cars, reliability is usually a significant concern. No one ever wants to experience buyer’s remorse, and that is why at Genesis Autoworks, we work overtime to ensure that you get all you need to know about the car you wish to purchase. With that in mind, here are six authentic used vehicles you can buy.


  1. Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in the compact segment. Since its introduction in 1973, the Honda Civic is best known for its reliability. It is not only among the longest-lasting compact vehicles but also classy, comfortable, and convenient ones. The Civic is also excellent for shoppers of all ages, and it features a delightful exterior, a peppy reliable engine, and excellent fuel efficiency. Its quick and agreeable steering makes it a pleasure on the road, and when the engine is pushed hard, it feels more expensive and sophisticated than others in its segment. Moreover, the Honda Civic is also available as a hybrid.


  1. Subaru Outback.

In a market where station wagons are slowly disappearing, the Subaru Outback has managed to hold its own. It is among the top vehicles you can choose as a safe used car option. Why you ask? The Subaru Outback does not offer you only one or two excellent options; it provides several. The ride quality of the Outback is unmatched. It can venture off-road thanks to its all-wheel-drive system, you have plenty of interior room for seating and storage, and the convenience and entertainment features are top-notch. On top of that, you get excellent engine options bound to make you love the road. The Subaru Outback is a real value car that is also very reliable.


  1. Mazda 6.

Many of us try to convince ourselves that looks never matter, but if we are honest with ourselves, they do matter and a lot. Now for those who love sedans and are looking for used sedans, it is hard to go past the Mazda 6. Not only is it handsome, but it is also practical and enjoyable to drive. The Mazda 6 offers excellent handling and ride quality compared to most sedans in the segment. Most competitors like the Honda Accord and Subaru Liberty also provide an enjoyable ride, but none match the visual flair of the Mazda 6.


  1. Toyota Corolla.

This list would not be complete without the Toyota Corolla on it. The global sales success of this vehicle from the Japanese automaker speaks for itself. The Toyota Corolla has been lauded for its utility and reliability. Yes, they may look dull and boring, but that same look has been the winning formula for over 50 years. The Toyota Corolla is available on the market as a sedan or a hatch with most people preferring the sedan. It is also popular in the used car market, so it is always easy to get a good Corolla at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a quality used car, the Toyota Corolla is the most obvious option.


  1. Hyundai i30.

Hyundai has not always enjoyed the excellent reception it currently is receiving. Not so long ago was the Hyundai Excel released, which never really got the reception that the i30 gets. The Hyundai i30 is one of the best products coming from the Korean automaker. We can describe this car using two words that used car shoppers love; reliable and durable. Hyundai stuck to what they know best with the i30, thus producing a safe and reliable car.


  1. Toyota Yaris.

Once again, the Japanese automaker graces the list and this time in the form of the Toyota Yaris. If you are looking for an excellent used light vehicle, the Yaris is what you want. The Yaris comes with the reliability we expect from Toyota plus exciting looks both inside and out. The Yaris feels superb on the road, thanks to its reliable handling and suspension. The four-speed automatic could use an extra gear, but it gets the job done after all.




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