6 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

Not having had the need to ship your vehicle somewhere ever before means you’ll probably be quite confused about how the entire process will go. Even experienced individuals who have done this more than once in the past can still find themselves confused about one thing or another regarding the procedure. Still, since driving long distances can be bad both for you and for your vehicle, and you can read some more about that here, using shipping services is your best bet for getting the car successfully and safely transported.

What does that mean, then? In few words, it means you should learn precisely how this process should go and try your best not to make any mistakes along the way. And, naturally, so as to be able to avoid those mistakes, you’ll need to get properly familiar with them. You can’t avoid something you know nothing about, and that’s a fact.

Put differently, not realizing which mistakes could be lurking around the corner could easily lead you towards making them. On the other hand, getting informed about those possible mistakes will make you more on alert and more diligent, aiming at making sure that you’re doing everything the correct way. So, what we will do now is get you familiar with some common mistakes that people tend to make when shipping their vehicles, thus helping you avoid them.

  1. Not Preparing Your Car

Did it even cross your mind that your vehicle will need to be properly prepared for the transport? Or, did you just assume that there’s absolutely nothing for you to do after contacting the professionals and agreeing on the time and date? Well, while there may not be much work to do, some preparations are still in order, including having a mechanic check, disabling the alarms, having the car cleaned and, of course, locking it once everything is done.

Here are some more tips on shipping the car you may need: https://www.angi.com/articles/5-tips-shipping-car.htm

  1. Not Recording the Damage

Selecting a reliable company means you’ll get your car transported without any damage. Yet, unexpected things happen, so it could wind up being damaged despite everyone’s best efforts. If you haven’t previously recorded any damage to the vehicle whatsoever, the new dents, scratches, or anything else, will probably not be paid for, as the company could claim that they were there before. Thus, recording the damage is one of the most crucial things to do before shipping the car, and the great thing is that most reliable companies will have you fill out a vehicle inspection report, keeping both you and the company protected.

  1. Leaving Personal Belongings Inside

Leaving your personal belongings in the vehicle could lead to those belongings getting damaged. And, since the insurance won’t cover it, you won’t be able to file a claim with your provider. Double checking the trunk, the glove compartment, the seats and pretty much everything in your vehicle is a must before having it shipped, as that’s how you’ll make sure that you haven’t left anything of value inside, including money and your important documents.

  1. Choosing a Shipping Company Randomly

The overall experience you’ll have with the car shipping service will depend on the company you’ll choose. This is why choosing your shipping company randomly is not the best idea. In fact, it is one of the most damaging mistakes you can make, meaning you’ll need to put much more effort into this, if you really want to have the perfect experience and ensure the safety of your vehicle during the transportation. Doing thorough research to check the experience level and reputation of the firms you’re considering is crucial here.

  1. Not Comparing Their Quotes

Different car shipping companies will, of course, offer different quotes for their services. And while those may be similar, it is important for you to get several quotes and compare them, keeping in mind the quality of service, the experience and the reputation as well. Not comparing the quotes is a mistake that could lead to you overpaying for this service, which is definitely not what you want. Since most people are careful with their budgets, I am sure that this is a mistake you definitely won’t let happen.

  1. Not Checking for Insurance Coverage

Another thing you should never for get to do is check for insurance coverage. Sure, most of the firms you’ll come across will offer one kind of insurance or another, but it’s not enough for you to know that you’re covered. Instead, you need to know precisely what it is that’s covered by the policy, so as to be absolutely certain that you’re getting the perfect insurance coverage when using these particular services. Failing to check this could lead to some issues down the road (no pun intended), so make sure not to forget it.


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