6 Tips for Choosing an Auto Locksmith

Owning a car comes with plenty of conveniences. But just as there is the good, you will have bad days because of your car as well. One of the more likely bad days you are bound to encounter at some point is an issue with your car keys or car locks.

From snapping the keys to getting them stuck in the ignition, you could be stranded for hours or days if you do not get the help you need right away. In such situations, you will need the services of an auto locksmith. But no two auto locksmiths are the same. To identify the best car locksmith Vancouver has to offer, it is important that you have a means of evaluating them.

Here are some tips to get you started.

1.   Experience

Experience is never a guarantee of skill or competence. Nevertheless, an auto locksmith with 10 years of experience is more likely to do a good job compared to one with just one year in the industry.

Note that experience is not only a factor of how long the auto locksmith company has been in existence. You could have a locksmith business that was founded just recently, but whose individual employees have decades of experience.

2.   Appropriate Tools

To resolve problems with car keys and car locks, very specific tools are necessary. But in the same way auto lock and key technology has evolved over the years, so have the tools that today’s locksmiths require.

Locksmiths who still rely on archaic tools could ruin your car’s locks in the process of trying to resolve the problem. Modern tools get the job done faster, cleaner and safer. In the long run, this saves you time and money.

3.   Customer Service

An auto locksmith’s technical capability is certainly critical. But you have to pay attention to their soft skills as well. A highly skilled auto locksmith will not do you much good if they have poor customer service.

Observe how quickly they respond to your queries, whether they keep their word, if they are punctual and how committed they are to enhancing your customer experience. As for their employees, look for enthusiasm, positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

4.   Affordable

Cheap can sometimes be expensive. In other words, you could be making a costly mistake if you opt for the auto locksmith with the lowest cost. Still, your financial resources are likely limited, so you cannot afford to pay exorbitant prices for a locksmith service.

Therefore, ensure the locksmith you choose has a fee that is largely in line with the market rate. If need be, talk to different locksmiths to get an idea of what a reasonable price is. Price should never be the only consideration, but you still need to remain within your budget.

5.   Reputation

If a locksmith has been in business for a while, there are certainly hundreds or thousands of people out there who have used their service. If their work is any good, the auto locksmith will have a stellar reputation. On the other hand, if their workmanship is less than satisfactory, then you can expect to hear a lot of disgruntled past customers as well.

You can establish a locksmith’s reputation in multiple ways. The ideal would be to reach out to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and other people in your social circle for recommendations. Another way would be to check the locksmith’s reviews and ratings on platforms such as the Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews and Facebook Ratings.

6.   24-Hour Service

Car keys and car lock problems often arise when you least expect them and when it is most inconvenient for you. Like getting stranded in the middle of the night, somewhere far from home. An issue with your car keys or locks can quickly become a matter of personal safety.

Go for an auto locksmith that offers a 24-hour service and is available seven days a week.

Get It Right

While there are probably dozens of auto locksmiths that serve your area, not all of them will offer the quality of service you require. Hiring the wrong locksmith can not only make the problem worse, but can also compound the costs of repair over the long-term. Follow these tips to increase your chances of finding the right locksmith.


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