6 YEAR OLD Kid Is Riding Harley Davidson LIKE A BOSS!!! God Damn IT’S SO AWESOME!!!

This the ultimate way how to scare your lady. You are taking your chopper and you allow your six years old son to ride it! It unbelievable how a six years old boy is riding Harley.

Can you just imagine the face of the lady when the father and the son returned from the ride? She was freaking out, no one can convince us that she accept it so chill and cool!

This is how the story goes: The father took his son on a ride, probably he was in charge for the kid that day and you know how well the fathers can play with their kids. He couldn’t came up with better idea so he did what he knows the best, riding a Harley Davidson!

He got on the chopper and climbed his son on the front of his seat, where the fuel tank begins. After this moment you need to see the sight, the father is adding gas and speeding the motorcycle to the moment when he moves his hands from the steering. At the beginning the boy is confused and still holding his hands near the speedometer but when his father ask him to take over the control the boy does it like a boss.

Literally, the boy picked up where the father left, speeding more and entering the turnoffs like he was riding Harley his whole life. Yeah, whole life which counts only six years. At the end it seem like the boy enjoys the ride and probably he is waiting impatiently for the day when his father needs to take care for him!

We do not suggest to try this with your kids if you are not experienced Harley Davidson rider. Watch the video bellow and see how the boy is riding like boss.


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