$6M LUXURIOUS Ford F750 WORLD CRUISER Has Full Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining & Living Room for 6 people! WANT ALL THE DETAILS?

It must be something extravagant and super luxurious judging by the price! Yeah, a pickup truck worth so much money must have some gold plated details, maybe a gold chassis and windows from polished diamonds, dude this is insane, it is $6 million!

And asumming all that at the end you will find that this is a Ford F-750 truck! Yeah, can you imagine what kind of Ford Super Duty F-750 should be to multiply the regular price by 10? The power plant is the same, 6.7-liter inline 6 cylinders, turbocharged engine which delivers 385hp and 1,200lb-ft of torque.

But what about the alien looking body? But that’s not all, just take a look at the interior, full living room, kitchen, bathroom and beds for 6 persons. As we can see the joint venture of Ford and Navistar Industries which produce the medium duty trucks Ford F-650/F-750 moved ahead with the help of Dankel Industries stepping in the luxurious vehicles world!

It is how it is, but one thing will remain the same, this Ford F-750 World Cruise is the most expensive luxurious pickup truck in the world! Play the video and see what this beast has to offer for that price, and by the way, after you’ve watched the video tell us in comments what you think, does it worth so much money?


50 thoughts on “$6M LUXURIOUS Ford F750 WORLD CRUISER Has Full Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining & Living Room for 6 people! WANT ALL THE DETAILS?

  1. Paulo Costa

    If the price don’t go to must up from 50,000$, a guess it will be a sucess for many countrys! God project but donΒ΄t understund wy so long… The cargo area must be an extra for the one that are interested. Nice job…

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you like it Paulo.

  2. ripituper

    Total rip off! Ford is dillusional if they think they can get there $$ back on this one! Might make a sale in dubai where they throw their $$ away.

  3. Mac ( Post author )

    What changes would you suggest the company Ripituper?

  4. jimmy

    awesome! if i had $6mil. i would buy it.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you like it Jimmy.

  5. judelow

    Someone has been smoking crack over at ford

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Haha πŸ˜€ That was very mean Judelow. The people at Ford would definitely be sad to hear this lol.

  6. Mark Brooks

    Nice truck….if you need another truck y’all can fix mine up…and I drive around doing advertising for you.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you like it Mark. As for fixing up your truck it’s best that you contact Dankel Industries. Greetings!

  7. Mike

    A Cummins in a Ford? What a shame. Poor Cummins πŸ™
    As for 5 million….. I would pay 75k for it max

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I guess you’re a die-hard Cummins fan Mike. You wouldn’t want to see this engine in no other truck than Ram? πŸ™‚

  8. scott

    Absolutely ridiculous.
    I honestly we should be thinking redistribution of wealth.
    I work like a dog can’t afford a home and someone dumps 6 million in this heap of planet killer for kicks?
    Speechless is putting it nicely.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Sad to hear about your tough life Scott. I hope that all things turn out well for you. Best regards!

  9. Wang dang

    This car better come with 5 big booty women

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Haha that would be an accessory lol πŸ™‚

  10. Valvoski

    Nice truck! To bad it didn’t sell! I sure would like riding in that with the family! Good job guys!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you like it Valvoski. Hope you get a cool truck like this some day. Greetings friend! πŸ™‚

  11. Warren

    That’s a great vehicle for the zombie apocalypse. They should let them use it on the Walking Dead. I bet they’d sell after that.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Haha, why not Warren. Maybe they should do that πŸ™‚

  12. Anthony Bagley

    That is the most wasted money someone could spend on a Damn vehicle, please tell me why anyone would like this crap..

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well It’s a matter of different taste Anthony. Some people like it, some people don’t. But no worries πŸ˜‰

  13. Peter Beattie

    This is a very strange set up for me to get my head around, why have a UV ( think that’s what you call them in the U.S.) with a pick up section at the back?,
    Also that price tag $6 million ouch!
    Only way Ford are getting their money back, is to have it as a prize $10 a ticket over the whole of the USA lol

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Haha maybe that’s a good way to increase the sales Peter πŸ™‚

  14. Kevin McCarter

    I’d love to own it. But I’d rather it have the 7.3 idi. I like reliable diesels. I currently have a 24 valve cummings and have had none stop ecm problems. So I’m hunting for an all mechanical diesel

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I sure hope you find one Kevin. Long live diesel engines! πŸ™‚

  15. eddy

    Wow i love dis car, if i had enough i would go for it, it worth the price, is it in SA yet

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I’m sure you will find many cool ways of using it Eddy πŸ˜‰

  16. Juan Chavez

    Can somebody else build something similar at a lower price tag?
    Foose, maybe?
    Loveliest ride I’ve ever seen.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      That would be great Juan. I’m sure Chip Foose would make a real masterpiece of it.

  17. Joe

    First off let me say I could never build something like this and it is pretty cool and I am sure there was a lot of really talented people involved . I do have questions? Why have such a large dump bed and not more interior space? If I spent 6 mil on a this I wouldn’t want to work out of it. Seems like the top could have flowed better and not stuck out past the truck cab on the sides. What happened to the guy it was built for?
    It still is a beast and I would be proud to drive it.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Hey Joe. Glad you like the RV. Unfortunately the official website of Dunkel Industries appears to be down so we cannot acquire additional information.

  18. Chris

    The engine’s horsepower and torque numbers are different in your initial paragraph and in the video we just watched

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thanks for the notice Chris, we made a correction in the article.

  19. paul

    cool idea on total package. I like it and would use it . but not a cummins in a ford. a tweaked 7.3 turbo or a cat ,Id go with. price is rediculas though.$ 250,000.00 would be more realistic.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you like it Paul. Although you are definitely right about the price, it is way too much πŸ™‚

  20. tom bosley

    They must have just made up the price. Why buy this when u can get one of those touring buses that have everything from dining room to hot tubs to movie theaters all for around 1.5 million?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      That sounds like a great offer Tom. Any suggestions for those touring buses you might give us?

  21. AJ

    So this is a one of a kind. I thought that was a bit much for a production Mega Truck of Mega Trucks. If I ever find that long lost rich uncle of mine, that I know has to be out there somewhere, I will see if they can make me one, too.
    But, what a kick in the balls to find your awesome project only went up to $50,000 during auction. There are other sleeper, go anywhere, world traveling trucks that are no where this nice that go for way more than $50,000! Better luck to him on the next auction.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thank you for this great comment AJ. Best regards!

  22. sammy

    Wow…this is awesome and splendid. ..if I gat a hole lots of money. .it’s good for me to buy it and lived in and forget about building a house. ..lol…I appreciate it a lot. All the same nice job Ford

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Hey glad you like it Sammy. I think this vehicle would be perfect for you πŸ˜‰

  23. JEFF

    This is Bad Ass but would i have to pull in the scales on the freeway?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well probably Jeff.

  24. Chris

    “Ok so you can have a truck with everything a house has but 10 times the price and 10 times smaller….or you can have a mansion with a swimming pool bigger then the whole truck itself and still have plenty to go on holiday whenever you want whilst also keeping your wife and kids because she didn’t divorce you for being a complete jackass and spending 6 million on a pickup” Seriously ford though….you guys should start doing routine drug tests at work, I’ sure whoever came up with this has some insane parties!!!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Haha well I guess the people at Ford wouldn’t be very happy to hear that Chris πŸ™‚

  25. Darrel

    I bought a 2003 f350 with the 6.0 ltr.Biggest pile of crap.Have thousands into this truck,and can’t take it out of town because I will need a tow home. So sad Ford will not do a thing about all the customers who got screwed. To top it off Ford got a settlement from international on the 6.0,think Ford would help us out….NO. never buying a ford.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Sorry to hear you had bad experience with your truck Darrel. Hope you get a much better one.

  26. Zax

    Sweet build but have no idea how you have 6mil wrapped up in it a top of the line Prevost doesn’t even run that much. Awesome concept and this hit the market under 200k I’d be all over it haha. Badass build

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you love it Zax. Thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚

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