8 Second Run With Killer WHEELIE: Toyota Supra Making A Couple INSANE PASSES Down In Trinidad! Can’t Wait To See This Thing Go EVEN FASTER!

There is a wheelie done with the 8 seconds Toyota Supra on the drag race strip. This is an event that is so worth talking about because every time that we see a wheelie there are chills coming through our bodies. We don’t know how the driver of this amazing Supra feels but we can only guess that he is most excited and the adrenaline level is on top of the car. It is the adrenaline that is driving the drivers and makes them do crazy things like this wheelie done right here on the track.

The other adrenaline raiser is the engine of this super-fast Toyota Supra. Not only the engine, the whole car has gone under serious tuning and modification as well to get it in this shape that it is right now. We don’t know how much money the builder has spent on this car but every cent was so worth it. The best thing of the engine is when it hits the high RPMs and the blockade kicks in to turn that revving down a little bit. There is the blow off valve on the turbocharger of the 8 seconds Supra that is making that incredible sound too. It is doing one hell of job because without it the engine will blow up from all the PSI that is coming through the large turbocharger.

For sure there has been an accident on the 8 seconds Toyota Supra before because there is a headlight missing on the right side of the car. Maybe the driver got carried away with all that HP coming and he went in a wall or something. That is a mystery that will stay unknown but what we do know is the wheelie that has been done is the greatest ever seen with a Supra.


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