9 DIY Tips For Creative Mobile Cars

In the information age, DIY tips, tricks, and hacks are extremely easy to learn. A simple search query or video database search will lead to an absolute barrage of DIY techniques and instructionals. While some of these creative hacks are somewhat useless, many of them border on being near-genius inventions. There are many extremely bright and clever people out there that have come up with all sorts of ways to not only make your mobile car unique but to save yourself a ton of time and inconvenience. In the article below we’ll walk you through some of our favorite DIY hacks to get creative with your car. Some are exceptionally easy to follow, while others take a bit of time and patience to carry out. While this article doesn’t list the exact DIY instructions, it does serve as a fantastic starting point in order to stimulate you into doing further research on the exact DIY methods mentioned below.

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9 DIY Tips For Creative Mobile Cars


  1. Create Your Own Interior Storage Compartments -- With some low-adhesive duct tape, a few empty plastic cups, and a little bit of patience, you can literally create your own car storage space. Even a plastic yogurt container works great as a makeshift cup holder. The golden rule, however, is to make sure that any time you put something into place, that it does not block the field of view of the person driving the car. It is also equally important to place items in ways that they will not become a hazard to you or your car passengers should you get into a car accident. You can store drinks, Mobile Car Detailer Scrubs, books, CDs, and all sorts of stuff in DIY storage compartments.


  1. Remove Headlight Haze With Toothpaste -- This awesome DIY car hack is just great. You can easily remove years of headlight haze from your headlight housing by simply brushing the surface with a toothbrush that has been dipped into toothpaste and hot water. After about 10 minutes of brushing, you’ll discover that your headlights look brand new.


  1. Use Nail Polish to Seal Paint Chips and Scratches -- It is never a good idea to leave deep chips or scratches in your car’s paint because this can expose the underlying metal to rust and corrosion. As many of us know, touch up paint for a car can be extremely expensive. One DIY hack creatively costs very little to pull off. Simply match a fingernail polish exactly to your car’s paint color, clean and dry the scratch completely, then seal the scratch or chip with the nail polish. The nail polish will permanently keep the underlying metal from rusting or corroding from air and moisture exposure.


  1. Toilet Plunge Away Your Dents -- With a soft delicate motion, you can easily remove light to moderate dents in your car’s exterior with a clean toilet plunger. When carrying out this creative DIY hack, however, do be sure not to create an even larger dent by pressing the toilet plunger too hard.


  1. Keep Your Engine Clean With Standard Soap and Water -- This creative DIY car hack does require a little elbow grease, some time, and a bit of effort. Any time that you get work done on your car’s engine, you will get charged an additional service fee if the mechanic needs to clean your engine first. To avoid incurring these types of fees, you should always keep your engine and engine compartment clean. With a little liquid dish soap, hot water, and a wiping rag, you can get your engine and engine compartment looking spotless in under 10 minutes. This creative DIY cleaning hack for your car works every time. On a precautionary note, never ever attempt to clean your car’s engine until it has completely cooled. You can become severely burned from hot engine components if the engine is still hot.


  1. Easily De-ice Your Door Locks With Hand Sanitizer -- A newly discovered hack that has gone viral on the internet involves using hand sanitizer to defrost your car door locks. It works quickly and will remove the ice from your door locks in seconds. The reason hand sanitizer works great at unthawing ice is due to the fact that it has a high alcohol content. It works to remove ice from car door locks, trunk locks, or even utility box locks in the bed of your truck.


  1. Use a Razor to Clean Your Windshields -- This is one of the oldest and easiest DIY cars hacks out there. If you ever get tree sap, glue, sticker adhesive, road tar, bubble gum, or any other sticky residue on your car windows, you will be happy to know that you can easily remove it by sliding a razor blade down along the window’s surface. Your windows will be as good as new using this DIY hack.


  1. Hide a GPS Tracker on Your Car -- This is one of the most creative DIY securities hacks out there for your mobile car. You can purchase a very affordable GPS tracking device and then hide it somewhere in your car where you know it will never be found. If a foolish car thief ever steals your car or if your teenager child goes out for a joy ride when you are not home, you will not only know where the car is at that exact moment, but you will also be able to track where it has been in the recent past. Mobile GPS tracking apps are available for your phone for free.


  1. Locate Your Car in a Parking Lot Easily -- This DIY trick is one of the easiest and most creative ways of finding your parked car in a crowded parking lot. Simply take out your cell phone after you exit your car and snap a quick photo of it, making sure to include any surrounding markers. Then once you exit the grocery store, mall, or other venue, you can look at the photo on your phone to get a much better idea regarding where you parked your car. Once you get into the habit of doing this you will never find yourself wandering aimlessly around a parking lot in an attempt to figure out where you parked your car.



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