A 10 Second FIERO??? This BAD BOY PONTIAC Sports A 5.3L LSx Motor With A “SUBTLE” 72mm Turbo To Make It More Fun By Today’s Standards!!!

This car looked so old when it came to track that everybody thought it was a joke. But after it launched like a rocket on the race track, it caught everybody’s attention and people started asking about the car and what it has under the hood that is powering so greatly.

Well, we were curious as well and here is what we found out about the car. This customized and tuned Pontiac Fiero has enormous junk yard engine under the hood , the 5.3L LSx engine, on which was mounted rather unsuitable turbo, a 72mm turbine just to meet today’s racing standards. The suspension has also been modified, now sporting a Fiero suspension, and a pair of great Nitto 555 tires, for maximum grip on the track.

This will become your favorite race car, because the looks doesn’t say too much about the power of the car. At first sight the car looks like it is ready to be dumped in the junk yard, but after the 10 seconds run on the track, it will become your favorite.

This car was made to show to the world that we shouldn’t judge the car by the body look, but to wait until the run on the track.


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