Design and construction of the HotTug

The hybrid of boat and jacuzzi hot tub appeared in one of the water sports center in the Dutch town of Rotterdam. The Hot tub-boat is driven by a motor, and the water in it is heated by a wood burning stove. In this interesting swimming facility can be comfortably accommodated three adults. The HotTug is working on a hybrid electric motor and the battery is enough to provide a power reserve of between two and eight hours of travel, depending on the model. Furthermore, the developers made the HotTug system to reuse the heat from the water, due to which the power consumption is reduced. And there are no harmful emissions!

The interesting 4-meter boat HotTug is made of wood, which is reinforced with fiberglass. In the boat there is a stainless steel oven, which heats the water in the hot tub at 35 degrees Celsius. In the boat can be a folding fireplace with height of 50 cm, which is not unusual to prevent its place even under the lowest bridges. Apart from a few passengers, HotTug can accommodate up to two thousand liters of water, incorporates an electric motor, which has a capacity of 2.4 kW and an electric oven for heating water.

Hot Tug Side View

The device can replace the conventional outboard motor -- in this case the batteries do not have to be changed frequently. However, given that the motor should be replaced only through more than 600 recharges, which happens after about seven years, it is unlikely to need to worry about from the first day boats jacuzzi..CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE..READ ABOUT THE REST OF THE PHOTOS and INFO..


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