ALMOST a HEART ATTACK! WATCH Grandma’s Reaction To The Nissan GTR’s Launch Control!

When you’re sitting in E85 Nissan GT-R with 700+ horsepower that goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.3 Sec you get a nice adrenaline rush. But imagine if someone older sits in it. Imagine what they can get/experience…

Duskin Terteling has his grandmother sitting in his new Nissan GT-R for the first time. And we can see from her face that she is really excited. But hew nephew had a little surprise for her. Just as he made a turn to the right he stopped the Nissan for a few seconds and then, BOOM! He presses on the gas pedal and the Nissan just started accelerating really fast and the reaction that we can see from the grandmother it’s priceless. She started yelling at her nephew to stop and to slow down but in a happy way, like she was enjoying it. The adrenalin rush that the grandmother got was something not every senior person can easily handle. I can just imagine the feeling that the grandmother got from the speed of the car. In a good way.

At the end she was scared that the police would catch them, that is so cute!


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