Amazing Ural Tricycle from Russia: UNBELIEVABLE THREE WHEELERS Bigger Than A Car!!!

It seems like not only the things that have origins from United States are big and enormous, the country who wants to follow us shot the best shot until now, yeah, Ural Motorcycle three wheeler bigger than car. We can say that controversy adds a different flavor on this specific motorcycle.

Let’s see what he has got! Huge ATV fitted on enormous tires which are helping him in his “sea monster” role, yeah, he looks scary. We bet that the engine of this Ural Motorcycle is strengthened because the stock engine power varies from 40HP to 55HP depend on the model, and they have 749cc displacement with 2-cylinders.

But he is not just a sea monster, with those huge rear tractor tires he is the ultimate off-road tricycle you’ve ever seen before! Just watch him how is climbing the step hills while that engine is roaring!

Please share with us if you know the exact number of the horses compressed in this modified Ural Motorcycle. Now play the video and see this amazing ride in action. Yeah, it more looks like an SUV instead of a tricycle, but that’s the Russian controversy!


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