Assembling A DIY RWD RC Drift Car! WORK OF ART Mate!!! This Inspired Me To Build One Myself!

People usually tend to buy things ready and done, but not this guy. He is making his own DIY RWD RC drift car. We give him big credit for that because there are fewer people every day that actually would rather design their own thing before they buy it nice and done. However his device is still not ready, but it is acting pretty normal as it should. Because of that he has made a video where he presents us his work and shows us little pictures of how he has done it.

We admire anyone who is trying to make something by himself, even if he doesn’t succeed. However this guy is doing a pretty good job so far. Well a fact that his remote control vehicle is already running and isn’t done is quite enough to know that he is going to make an awesome remote control Drift Machine. We haven’t got information about his vehicle, but we know that is going to be lighter as it can in order to be faster as it can. Of course he has also made an excellent job with the wheels. As you can see he is drifting already and is pretty fast. We know that isn’t much of a fact, but we also give him credit about the music he has chosen in the video, it is quite catchy and it goes well with the vehicle.

We hope that more people will start to design their own remote control devices, even if they fail, because in the end we learn from our mistakes. However the feeling when you make something by yourself and the feeling when somebody buys you something isn’t the same. Every person loves the feeling of success and achievement. Just watch the DIY video and see what the guy has come up with all by himself, enjoy.


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