ASTON MARTIN DB7 At The Wheeler Dealers: Mike And Edd Managed To Restore This Faded BRITISH MASTERPIECE To ITS FORMER GLORY!!!

The Aston Martin DB7 is the cheapest among the Astons but if it is broken than the fix could be real expensive. So Mike needs to open his eyes wide when he is buying this car and if Edd doesn’t like than he would be in a real trouble there. So while he is driving to the buying spot he is going to tell us about the history of the car and he exactly knows what could go wrong with it, so he will be focusing on these parts and aspects of the car. Also on the Aston Martin DB7 there could be a large part that is broken on the engine which could bring the price down a lot for Mike but Edd China is going to repair it with no hustle at all. That’s why they are making such huge profits, they know how to work cars and they know how to work prices as well.

At the drive test of the Aston Martin DB7 Mike Brewer notices that the steering wheel is out of order. It is taking the car to one side and it could mean that the servo steering needs the aligning. Edd will come here with his top of the line laser technology for the aligning and he will be able to fix it with no problem at all. If you would take your car for such a threat to the mechanics they are going to rip you off for the fix. There was a huge improvement in Ed’s garage and because of all the tools that he has now he is able to do this fix on the steering as well.

Hoping to make a huge profit on this cheap Aston Martin DB7 the team needs to make a lot of effort to get it going.


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