Audi R8 TT GOT SMOKED By Acura Integra?! THAT’S RIGHT, The Little Green Integra Returns BADDER THAN EVER At TX2K16’s Roll Racing Event!

Having the Honda engine under the hood this is one Acura Integra that smoked the Audi R8 TT leaving it with nothing but tears in the eyes. That’s why it is good not to judge the book by the covers. Even though this Integra looks like it could be eaten by a crocodile, it smoke the Audi’s ass for good. Now what is left for the Audi R8 TT is to go home and cry for the lost race as he got no chance to win here. And with this driving the driver could not win any race as he is shifting too slow the gears and the launch is not good too.

He could use some teaching from the Integra driver as he has shown some incredible skills on the track during TX2K16’s Roll Racing event. There was not a chance for the Audi driver to smell the winning race, he just laid back on the seat and watched the Integra go. There was a moment where the Audi was in the lead of the race but when the Integra went into the third gear it was like it had some other car pushing it from the back.

Maybe it is the working of the engine that made the car launch forward like that. The Audi R8 TT is packing an engine under the hood that has been brought up to staggering 1000+ HP. All that power coming to the wheels of the car was not enough to beat the small Integra and now it is all over. After losing the race the driver should ask the Integra owner and driver how he managed to pull that off, or he should ask him who his mechanic that is working on the engine is. That small Honda engine has placed some amazing power onto the wheels.


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