Autonomous Emergency Braking System BEING TESTED In The Mercedes S Class, The Volvo V40 And The VW!!! ULTIMATE ANTI CRASH By The Fifth Gear Crew!!!

Using the AEB or the autonomous emergency braking system will ensure that the driver will be able to stop when he really must to, as in emergency. That’s why this new technology has been developed, to give more insurance to the driver and to make him more confident while driving. This system has become a vital piece of the safety technology since it has been first introduced. These laser systems are going to warn you about the collision that is about to happen and if you don’t react the emergency braking system is going to stop the car at the spot, without hitting the car in front of you. This will be so useful while driving behind another car as the slightest distraction could lead to a disaster.

The most expensive vehicles are going to feature this expensive equipment. Like the Mercedes S class that costs around $70K. This is a serious amount of money and the car needs to feature the braking system for its money. You could not buy such an expensive car not being ensured that it will stop if collision is about to happen. But don’t get encouraged to drive like a tailgater would, this is the worst kind of driving and even if you own a car with the AEB emergency braking system installed you are going to be DAMAGED.

The Volvo V40 is going to feature this amazing equipment too. As we all know the Volvo Company is all about the driver’s safety and the safety of the people that are being driven inside the car. That’s why the Volvo V40 is going to feature this system and even though it is not so expensive (costing around $35K) it will be proud to wear the AEB sign on the specs sheet, together with the Volkswagen too that will get the same package.


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