How To Avoid Getting Into A Car Accident

While it’s a fact that you can never avoid some car accidents, there are accidents that may have been prevented if the driver had taken some precautions before hitting the road.

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A lot of people let themselves become victims of car accidents by neglecting their duty to ensure that their cars are in the safest possible condition. In some cases, some drivers cut corners and don’t follow the traffic regulations.

Like when looking for a personal injury lawyer, there are some things that drivers can do to reduce the risk of getting into car accidents or minimize damages if you do get involved in one. These include the following:

Watch Out For The Red Light Runners

Before you enter any intersection when the light turns green, count for three seconds first. You must also look both left and right and make sure nobody’s trying to run through the orange light. When passing trucks, you must be extra careful. Trucks have a blind spot on their right side, so be careful when you’re driving next to a big truck. If you are unable to see the side mirrors of the truck, you have to assume that the driver can’t see you as well.

Look Backwards When You’re Backing Out

In parking lots, fender benders are very common. So, look out for the cars leaving the parking spaces. Never depend on the mirrors alone and look over your right shoulder physically while you’re steering to alleviate the blind spots that mirrors may create.

Be On Alert For The Threats

When you’re driving, you must drive defensively by being on the lookout for any potential problems. If cars are shifting lanes rapidly or swerving or you see bikers a bit close for comfort or pedestrians looking like they might jaywalk into oncoming traffic, always be prepared for the worst. Try to get away from those threats safely when possible and if not, be ready to stop immediately or avoid car accidents if potential hazards present themselves.

Avoid Fast Lane

It’s important to remember that driving on a highway or public road isn’t a race. So, don’t try taking the fast lane and stay out of it if necessary. It’s where many highway accidents happen. Besides, if you’re in the middle lane, you’ll have more options to change lanes if somebody on the road is likely to cause a road problem. In addition to that, highway patrols are more likely to keep an eye on you if you’re driving on the fast lane.

Avoid The Blind Spots

Adjusting your side mirrors and rear view may help you provide a seamless panoramic view of the sides and back of your car. But, you can’t depend on such things alone. You must turn physically to look into the lanes to avoid missing something that your mirrors didn’t detect. While you’re driving, you must also keep other drivers’ blind spots in mind, especially when there are trucks on the road.

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Know Your Car

Like other things, cars have limits and you must know what your car is capable of. If your car leans a lot when rounding corners, wrenching your wheel one way could be a great way to avoid accidents. You should also be familiar with the tires of your cars and how they react to particular situations. In this way, you’ll know the perfect way to react in risky situations.

Be Cautious When Driving At Night

There are people who prefer to travel during night time to avoid traffic, but it only poses new hazards. You could be tired and might not be able to see everything properly or encounter some drunk and tired drivers.

Have The Right Attitude When Driving

A lot of car accidents are a result of immaturity and attitude, not knowledge or skills. So, see to it that you practice a responsible attitude when you’re driving as it may help lessen the risk of getting into a car accident.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Whether you’re on a long or short drive, avoid any distractions in your car while you’re driving.  Never text and drive. If your children are fighting or screaming, it’s good to pull over first before handling the situation. You should also avoid anything that might take your mind off of driving. Remember, one of the primary causes of car accidents is distracted driving, which may result in car-related injuries.

Change Lanes With Caution In Mind

Changing lanes abruptly, cutting in front of pedestrians, and not using the turn signals are just some of the ways to get involved in car accidents. If you’re careless when changing lanes, it may just result in road rage, which may also cause other drivers to be reckless. So, always use common courtesy and follow the rules when you’re changing lanes.


Safety must always be your number one priority when you’re behind the wheel of any car you’re driving. By keeping in mind the tips above, you can be assured that you’ll be able to avoid getting into car accidents once you hit the road.


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