AWESOME STREET DRIFTING Action BY The Polish Drift Team PUZ DT! Pump Up The Volume NOW!

I think that by now, most of you are pretty well familiar with the awesome Polish drift team, PUZ DT. The guys who had won numerous drifting competitions and events all over Europe the last few years. Their favorite weapon of choice are the BMW models, mostly BMW E30, even though we have seen them ripping off the tarmac track with BMW M3 also. But before we get to the main thing on this video, let me tell you a few interesting things about them.

The PUZ Drift Team was officially formed in 2009. During the season 2010/2011 they could have become history due to a lack of finances, but these tough guys managed to endure all the troubles and achieve significant success. Next season, they were spotted by the big companies, and Valvoline became one of their major sponsors, and afterwards, they started to do what they do best. Shredding tires and ripping off the tarmac track, and of course, winning awards.

The following video is from their drift parade on the streets of the Polish town of Sopot, where they are rocking the whole town upside-down. Just pump up the volume and enjoy a great drifting experience with BMW E30.

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