SIMPLY MAGICAL! Check Out This Awesome Video With Drifting On Japanese Roads!

Have you ever wondered how drifting came into existence? Where were its roots and where was it born? This is a question which surely everyone impressed with this automotive discipline has asked at least once.

After World War II, when the economic and social life of Japan began to stabilize, the Japanese young people had access to various means of transport which began to appear in the postwar years. Automobile industry of Japan has developed major steps so soon began to unite young people in a variety of auto and motor clubs.

A consequence of the successful development of the engineering industry was the popularization of motorsport, especially classic rally. Young enthusiasts with sparks in their eyes watching their idols, who skillfully took turns sliding into the corners of the challenging mountain switchbacks in Japan. Gradually the group of enthusiasts have started to travel at night on mountain roads and tried to repeat the ride of professional racers.

Today is your lucky day because we have here an excellent video with various drift cars doing wild slides on the mountain roads in Japan. Enjoy watching this great drift show!

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