BABY CHAUFFEUR Rides A Remote Control Car: Who Needs A Stroller When You Have This AWESOME RIDE?!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a baby smile. It is really something special that would make every person proud and happy. We have seen many awesome parents who treat their kids the best they can just to keep them happy, but we think that this baby’s parents are definitely one of the best parents in the world. They managed to put wheels on an infant car seat and attached it to a remote control car to give him a ride around the neighborhood. Isn’t that lovely? Every parent should be like this, every kid deserves attention like this little baby.

However let us not forget the beauty of the design and style of the remote control vehicle itself. We talked a lot about good parents that we almost forgot to say something about that lovely piece of technology. As far as we can see it is a small vehicle around 40-50 cm in length and 10 to 20 cm in height. It goes with decent speed. Well, it is not pretty fast but it is enough for the baby to be happy and that is the most important thing and I believe that this is the main goal that the parents wanted to achieve.

All in all there should be many parents like this in the world. We are not sure if they bought the remote control vehicle or did they design it by themselves, either way they made the right choice by attaching the remote control car to a baby seat managed with wheels. We are glad that all of this is caught on camera so the world could see a happy baby driving around the neighborhood. Who would not want to see that amazing sight? We believe nobody. Make sure that you check out the video because it will put a smile on your face for no reason at all. Enjoy!


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