RIDICULOUS BUT TRUE! Batman Got Arrested For Driving Without License Plates on His Lamborghini Batmobile!!!

American cops arrested Batman because he did not have license plates on the car. In the end, it turned out that Batman was going to children’s hospital to entertain sick children, and that the license plates were not screwed i.e. there weren’t any suitable bolts for them.

The police in Montgomery County, Maryland, stopped a Lamborghini car on the highway, driven by a man who was dressed up as Batman, reports the online news aggregator and blog Huffington Post. This incident took place back in 2012 in the area of ​​Silver Spring, Maryland.

Watch what happened on the video below:

According to the police, behind the wheel of an impromptu “Batmobile” was a local resident called Lenny Robinson. As Metro points out, Lenny Robinson regularly dresses up in a superhero costume and  that way he visits the children who are treated at the clinics district.

The police in Montgomery noted that this Batman was interviewed at the end of which he got a warning for driving without any license plates on his car. After this, the black Lamborghini was released and the police allowed him to continue driving. Recall that in mid-March that same year, the Brazilian police hired a man who will have to go to the Batman costume. Here is also a video of the Brazilian Batman.

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