First Appearance Of BATMAN’S LAMBORGHINI BATMOBILE! Batkid Begins In San Francisco:

Since the Aventador stepped into the car world like an alien from another planet we knew that he is going to be a movie star. Yeah, he was just too good to be ignored!

Of course we cannot forgot the legendary Batmobile, an unique masterpiece of engineering with mind-blowing design but on the other side we have a stylish dragon, black narrow with sharp edges, design which speaks for himself, Lamborghini Aventador!

Imagine Batman chasing criminals in the center while pushing the V12 engine to the maximum, screaming badly but in symphony with his attentions, to clean the world from the “garbage”! Impressive sight even for imagining but in real, 6.5-liter companion of Batman screaming 700HP with 507lb-ft of torque!

We think that this Lamborghini just suit the Batman style, arrogant but honest, aggressive but yet good-hearted…

Just play the video bellow and see the first appear of the Lamborghini Batmobile in San Francisco. Thousands of people on the street with smile on their faces were looking with awe in the beast! No one was expecting this. Enjoy the video folks.


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