Beautiful CERVINI ELEANOR FORD MUSTANG At A Glance – A Beast Ready For The Track!

This Mustang is simply amazing. The blend between the black and red gives it the typical Ford racecar look and the body kit choice is well done. The little white stripe between the middle line is also a nice touch to the look of the car. The lifted hood and short spoiler compliment the design of the suspended body kit perfectly. While the video is not about showcasing speed, it is all about the exterior beauty of the Ford Mustang Cervini Eleanor.

You can see it turning necks as its being driven on the parking lot. The sports suspension drops it just above the ground leaving just enough room to speed over the track. This Mustang features side exhausts and a cool choice for a license plate. We wish to know the details of the modification to the engine however the video only goes as far as showing the driver’s excellent parking skills. This car is really well put together and we would love to see a show of how it performs on the track. Until then stay tuned for more videos of beasts like this Cervini Mustang.


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