BEAUTIFUL LITTLE MINI CHOPPER 125cc With Only 7 Miles Of Life History! Let’s Drive Some Choppers Baby!

If you want an enjoyable motorcycle ride than you might be seeking for a chopper! Yeah, to sit like a boss and gently ride the beast while the engine is ringing bellow you and you shift the gears…

To complete the whole picture you just need an aviator sunglasses and long hair to let the wind spreading it and you just sing your favorite song in your mind! Damn, we want to go on a ride. And imagine all that scenario but with custom chopper produced by Orange County!

For sure you will spin heads around! But that’s not all, imagine even more controversial chopper, yeah, we can say scaled but still drivable with 125cc engine and massive exhaust. Hell of a ride, just look at him we already got it in the video!

This small version of chopper should be your city ride, and for long distance you should buy a bigger one. Now pay the video bellow and see the small beast shooting from the exhaust and makes some doughnuts starts! The pleasure is all your, and by the way, if you want it the chopper is for sale!


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