The Berlina Black 2016 Acura NSX V6 AWD At 2015 Miami Motor Show Will MAKE YOU BLIND WITH ITS CHARM!!!

This year the Motor Show in Miami brought us the all-new 2016 Acura NSX. We like surprises and this Acura NSX 2016 was a nice one. Having the Berlina Black color on the body, make us want it even more, but considering the price on this car, only few can have it.

What makes the 2016 Acura NSX car a super car, is the fact that it has all the technology that is supposed to has, from computers to automated headlights, computer controlled fuel injection and other tech that one car for 2016 is supposed to have.

The other exciting thing about the car is the engine that is featured, not only the petrol engine, there are also three electric motors for the hybrid drive that this car has. The petrol engine is a twin turbo one, V6 style which has total output power on the tires of 573 horsepower.

All this connected to the perfect nine speed automatic transmission, equipped with dual clutch for better performance and faster gear shifting. All wheel drive on this car makes it more reliable on the road at higher speeds, like a supercar with super equipment on it.


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