BEWITCHING CANDY PURPLE Oldsmobile Cutlass on 24″ Asanti Rims Seducing People In Augusta, Georgia!

It looks like a candy? Yes but it is a powerful car as well. Don’t let the name fool you. From this family of cars there is variety of choices but they all look stunning. Particularly this Oldsmobile Cutlass was being produced form 1964-1967 but the name first appears in 1966.

In the interior this Oldsmobile Cutlass features a cloth of vinyl notchback like bench seat with an armrest and an all-vinyl Strato buket seats.

The engine is an interesting part of this car. Under the hood is suited Oldsmobile 330 cubic-inch engine with ultra-high compression, called Jet fire Rocket which is V8 style producing impressive 320 horsepower (239 KW) featuring a four-barrel carburetor and transmission offerings including a floor mounted four speed manual transmission. And yes, it is handling the engines power with ease.

What about the rims? It is rocking a 24 inches Asanti rims which are shiny like a diamond on a morning sun. The combination of a candy purple color and 24 inches of aluminum rims could not be better.

Watch the video to see this “purple” candy Oldsmobile, and yeah, it looks naïve, but the sound of the engine betrays its evil genes.


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