From horse and cattle carts to state of the art vehicles, we have come a long way in transportation. Now we have cars, bicycles, bikes, trucks and many more options for traveling from our source to destination. With new kinds of vehicles, we improved our roads from muddy tracks to asphalt topped smooth path. Such advancement in technologies also reduced our travel time, not by hours but by days in many instances. Previously, people would travel only in huge groups, but now you can hop on the back of your bike and take it for a ride on the interstate highway.

On the one hand, where such a high speed of traveling helps us save time, it also exposes us to new hazards such as accidents in which people can even lose lives. Though roads mostly have separate lanes for opposite traffic, there is a danger of vehicles running into each other. On the one hand, the government should ensure safe driving through enforcement and advocacy to avoid such eventualities and, on the other hand, ensure road safety.

The government has several laws that ensure that the manufacturers of these vehicles pass many safety requirements. They also ensure that the people who attain licenses to driving also have the necessary knowledge about safe driving. There are still many issues that persist, so in this article, we will talk about how we can make roads safer, especially for bikers.

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In various cultures, there is usually a bias against a specific type of driver when it comes to accidents. The bias means that no matter what happens in the accident, the blames goes to them. Motorcyclists face such a skewed perception of the people in many cultures, which even translates to the courtrooms. The whole system is then hell-bent on proving that everything was the motorcyclist’s fault and eventually can result in false convictions and fines. Colorado in the US used to be one such places before Colorado motorcycle advocates decided to form unions to counter such blatant prejudice. Such unions help each other with the injuries related to motorcycle accidents and later fight the fierce legal battles skewed against them.

Use the side mirrors

Irrespective of which vehicle you are driving, the best way to avoid any mishap is by using the mirrors effectively. Cars usually have the side mirrors and the middle one, while bikers only have the side ones. These mirrors help you know how far behind the vehicle behind you is, helping you make better decisions while driving. For example, you can understand whether you should turn instantly or wait for someone overtaking to pass. These mirrors enhance the road awareness of the drivers and reduce accidents manifolds.

Wear protective gear

Ever visited a construction site and wondered why everyone is wearing a colorful helmet. Well, that’s for the protection, and hence the bikers should also wear protective gear that includes helmets. They must ensure that the helmet is of high quality and can take strong hits because they can be the only thing between drivers and their deaths in many accidents. Other protective equipment includes gloves, jackets, boots, and sometimes knee and elbow caps. A study suggests a strong correlation between the severity of the injury and wearing protective gear.

Check your vehicle

Ensuring that your vehicle is in the perfect condition reduces the chances of accidents on the road. For your safety, you should see if all the vitals related to a car, such as an engine, oils, brakes, among many other things, are working. Driving your vehicle with the check engine light on can result in terrible consequences, so you must be wary of that.

Driving education

Educating the drivers about safe driving is very crucial for the safety of everyone you find on the roads, including the pedestrians. A study found that there is a secure link between traffic violations and the quality of driving education. Much like any other exam, driving exams should have strict criteria for passing, so people should not take it lightly. The strictness is vital because the lives of millions of people who go on the road daily depend on how people drive.

Law enforcement

Even after attaining the license through a rigorous process, it is the job of the authorities to ensure that people on the road do not violate rules. Violations such as over speeding and wrong overtake should never be spared. For that, the government should have extensive training programs for the traffic police to apprise them about the laws and professional practices of dealing with violators. In many places, bribery is also an issue, so keeping an eye on your law enforcers can also help sometimes.

Road signs

Though they seem to be an ordinary occurrence to you, the presence of road signs plays a vital role in saving people every day. Sometimes accidents occur due to their absence, which is the blatant negligence of those responsible for installing such signs. Signs such as speed limits, sharp turns, speed breakers, among others, persuade the drivers to drive carefully and within the legal limits.

Key Takeaways

Though technology has made road travel easy, we could still get into a great deal of trouble if we do not observe road safety. Many factors contribute to road safety, and the build of the vehicle is one of them. Governments must ensure that only the cars that pass all the safety standards in manufacturing processes should take the road. However, many safety measures have to do with drivers, such as protective gear and education about safe driving. Law enforcement also plays a role, and we can conclude that making roads safer is everyone’s social responsibility.


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