RAGING BEAST from HELL: Blown Mopar Cadillac Is Here To Show The Best Burnout Ever!

Maybe it is not familiar to see a Mopar engine installed on a Cadillac, especially Mopar 340 which featured the Challengers and the Chargers also and the Plymouth beasts but this transplanted one just suits well the blown Cadillac.

We all know what a Mopar 340 engine is capable of, 340 cubic inches V8 engine which delivers 245HP but with that massive blower the power is increased at least for 200HP. The surgery with placing the blower is causing disorder with the torque. You can notice how this beast is roaring hungry and performing wild burnouts, he is really hard to be handled!

As we discovered that anomaly is caused from improper tune on the barrel-valve – injector hat. Shorten the turnbuckle on the left side of the injector half turn and the idle will settle to a steady rhythm. The adjustment of the idle doesn’t affect the wide-open throttle operation. As you will see it looks so cool but not very controllable.

But on open road the beast is screaming and doing incredible burnout while leaving meters long smoke marks, and that’s a blown Mopar folks.

Watch the video bellow and see the beast in action!


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