Caddy’s Customs MAGNIFICENT Dually On 26″ Forgiato Wheels! All Around JUST A CLEAN TRUCK That Still Gets Put To Work!!!

Placing those custom Forgiato wheels on the Caddy’s Customs truck has been amusing for everybody. The truck can be seen at the SE Car Truck & bike show and it gathered too much attention to it. Maybe it was because this is one unique build that has been made on the truck or because those custom wheels coming from Forgiato are so great looking.

Sleek edge on the rims and the inner finish of the inside of the rims has been chromed as well. Now these wheels are the real deal when it comes to picking, and if you come across a build that doesn’t have the Forgiato wheels don’t even look at it at all. They go nicely with the body line and the body color of the truck too, the designers at Caddy’s Customs really did a great job with them wheels. Having to place those on a dually truck is a hard thing because they have larger length and the inner wheel as well needs to be chromed too.

There are the spoke-like looking bolts which are holding tight the wheel to the head on the axle. Maybe if they were a little bit longer it would be much better, having spokes like on the previous custom Ford F-350 that we had seen.

It is always a great challenge to place the custom wheels made by Forgiato because the wheels only don’t mean much. The whole build of the truck needs to be clean in order to show off with those brand new wheels. If there were some other details on the body the wheels are not coming to the first look at the truck.

That’s why we have said that the designer had a tough job, to bring those Forgiato’s in the attention when you lay your first glance on the truck.


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