Car Dealerships Rochester NY: 4 Scams To Avoid When Buying For The First Time

In every industry, there are always some salespeople would do and say anything just to make a customer buy their products. Car dealerships are no stranger to this. They have gained notoriety for veiled deception on business transactions, but this is merely because of the misdeeds of a few.

There are still plenty of reliable and trustworthy companies. All you need to do is research for the ones with favorable ratings from previous clients. If you’re planning to purchase your first vehicle through a car dealership, you should be aware of the cons that occur during the shopping process and avoid the businesses that manipulate customers with the following scams:


  1. Financing Tricks

The numbers involved in calculating your credit score and the loan you need for a new car can be overwhelming. However, you should know that this leaves you under the mercy of the car dealer.

It would be good if they have an honest team like the people from But, there are those who would exploit your vulnerability if they find out that you do not know your credit score.

These are some of the financing tricks that are being used by car dealers:


  • Spot Financing -- This tactic involves a one-day purchase process with the salesperson getting you into your new vehicle regardless of the approval status of your loan. You should never complete the transaction if the terms of financing, especially your credit, are not stated explicitly. This way, you avoid falling into the trap of getting a heftier price for the car if they say that your application was rejected.
  • Guaranteed Approval -- In any financing structure, whether personal or car loans, there is no assurance that applications will be approved. Steer clear of any dealership that uses this trick.
  • Upfront Fees -- If a lender is asking for payment before the contract is finalized, take your business elsewhere. This is merely a plot to get your money even before the loan has been approved. Reputable companies never ask for fees before you sign a contract with clear terms of agreement.
  • Packing Payments -- When a car dealer emphasizes the monthly payment but does not provide you with the total cost of the vehicle, they may be planning to add hidden fees that increase the monthly payment by $10 or $20. Over time, though, this amount adds up to thousands of dollars.

  1. The Co-Signer Predicament

A co-signer acts like a safety net for the dealer in the event that you aren’t able to pay your monthly obligation with them. It happens when you need someone with a good credit score and your relative or close friend agrees to take on the loan with you.

However, this situation can quickly turn sour since the co-signer would end up with a considerable amount of debt on your behalf if you have difficulty in paying back the company. Your delayed payment can have a negative impact on their credit score as well.

Save your relationships by avoiding businesses that encourage you to bring a co-signer when shopping for a car.


  1. Warranty Ploy

New cars generally have an existing manufacturer’s warranty. Some dealers, though, inflate monthly payments by convincing you to add unnecessary extras.

One way they scam you is by saying that you need to pay for a compulsory warranty from the bank while another involves blatantly deceiving you with the terms of the deal. You can call out their bluff by telling them that you want your attorney to go over the contract first.


  1. Lure and Swap

This scam happens when a dealer announces a vehicle with a remarkable price. But, when you arrive at the showroom, they say that someone already bought it and shows you a more expensive car. Basically, they just wanted you to come to their office to entice you to buy their overpriced product.

To avoid this tactic, you must email the dealership and inquire whether the vehicle is still available and how many is in stock hours before you visit the store. If they confirm it through the email but attempt to do this trick with you at the showroom, you have proof of their confirmation.




Don’t make hasty decisions when choosing a car that fits your budget and your needs. The car shopping process takes time. You need to compare model specs, scout for discounts, know how to finance it, and determine its resale value. Always do your due diligence to avoid being duped by shrewd salespeople.


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