Car insurance advice for new drivers

Just passed your driving test? If so, congratulations! Learning to drive is by no means an easy feat — yet you’ve smashed this target.

As a new driver, you’ll no doubt want to find the best insurance policy for your vehicle, especially if you’re young. After all, Brits aged between 17 to 25 tend to face higher costs when it comes to insuring their motor. This is mainly because, statistically, young drivers are at a higher risk of having an accident.

Despite this, there are still opportunities to get a good deal on your car insurance. Let’s explore the options now…

Pick the right car

When it comes to getting a good deal on your car insurance, your car plays a big part. The year, the make and the model of your new car can all impact the premium you will pay each month. Safety features like airbags and car alarms are also favoured by insurance companies, so ensure you do your research well to find a motor that will work out economically in all areas.

Explore funding options

How do you plan to pay for your car insurance? Will you consider borrowing an amount of money? Or have you got some saved up? If you’ve only recently passed your test, or are still having lessons, why don’t you hold off buying a car until you’ve worked out the best insurance deal available? Explore the various funding alternatives far in advance, and you’ll have plenty of time to find the right option for you. You could also build a sufficient insurance fund in the meantime — and as a result, you’ll be able to compare quotes with a stronger feeling of financial security.

Choose your cover level carefully

What kind of insurance do you want for your car? Fully compressive? Third party? While comprehensive cover spans personal and third-party protection, the latter tends to cover injuries and damage caused to third parties. Though many people think that third party car cover is the cheapest option available, this isn’t always the case.

In fact, fully comprehensive insurance often costs less. Once you’ve picked your car from a cheap insurance category, you’ll want to consider cover carefully.

Complete a Pass Plus course

Want to reduce the cost of your car insurance? Take a Pass Plus course! Many insurers offer a discount for those that have completed it. This short driving course (lasting usually six hours) is designed to boost your safety skills while driving. Given that the majority of road accidents take place within the first year of a driver having passed their test, it’s particularly useful for new drivers. Search for an insurance company that guarantees a discount for this driving qualification, and you stand to lower your costs.

You may be young, but that doesn’t mean your car insurance has to be pricey. Now that you know how, you’ll easily be able to secure cover at a fee that works for you.


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