Car Transmission repair by professionals: signs of defect and options in repair

The transmission of a vehicle -- whether automatic or manual -- is one of the most important and complex components of a passenger car. Every time a vehicle is driven, the transmission is repeatedly subjected to considerable wear and tear. If it no longer works, gearbox repair is unavoidable. 

Diagnostic and repair work on the transmission requires professional experience, accuracy and some special tools. Find out what signs a defective gearbox has and what is done in the workshop during gearbox repair. You can now compare workshop quotations in your area and make your next appointment online at Geared Up auto mechanic service at any time, securely and easily.

Tasks of the transmission

The transmission transmits the power of the engine and finally puts it on the road. A gearbox in need of repair prevents this and without a repair the car can be impassable. The combustion engine itself brings only a weak torque. It therefore needs the transmission as support. A defective transmission can no longer fulfil this task. The technically possible torque of the engine is then simply no longer transmitted.


What are the signs of a defective transmission? 

The gearbox wears slowly but steadily. In the long run this can cause damage to the gearbox. When the first signs of a defect appear, it is advisable to have a technical inspection and fault analysis carried out in a workshop. 


The most important symptoms of a defective transmission include:


  • Unstable gear shift, where the gear disengages and jumps out again.
  • The shift lever cannot be moved from one position to another -- or only with great difficulty.
  • Idling of the engine despite a gear being engaged
  • Rustle or crackling noises in the gearbox
  • jerking of the car
  • An absolutely sure sign of a defect is when your car’s transmission oil is leaking slowly.


How can the transmission damage be repaired?

Close-up view of the defective gearboxes to be repaired

A repair of the gearbox is very demanding and also has its price. The work should always be carried out by a professional. If a mistake is made during the change, the new gearbox can break immediately. This does not only mean further repair costs, but can also threaten your driving safety.  Both the automatic transmission and the manual transmission of a vehicle are extremely complex systems that ensure the overall functionality of the car. An unprofessionally carried out repair can cause considerable consequential damage to the vehicle or even endanger the driver’s life. Therefore, the damaged parts should not be repaired independently.


What is done when repairing the gearbox?

The inspection and -- if necessary -- the replacement of the damaged transmission is part of the service and the achievements of every good workshop. Especially in big cities like Berlin, Stuttgart, Augsburg and Hamburg there are well-equipped garages. The competent experts ensure that your vehicle is optimally inspected. The following components are thoroughly tested: the transmission oil, the gear shift and especially the individual parts of the transmission system itself.


After precise testing and fault analysis, the transmission is dismantled and the exact damage is determined. The gearbox is carefully cleaned and all defective parts of the gearbox are replaced. If necessary, the worn seals are replaced and the new components are assembled. Finally, the gear unit is installed and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


Repair the gear unit or have it replaced?

The complete gearbox change is carried out if a repair would exceed the cost of a new spare part and is therefore uneconomical. The broken gearbox is replaced in the workshop by a new part or by a replacement gearbox. You can calculate the exact costs for your car conveniently and without obligation on FairGarage.


Find a gearbox repair near you

Arrange for transmission service and the services of a good and reliable workshop near you. The network of specialist workshops is very tight nationwide. Regardless of whether you live in Berlin, Hamburg, Augsburg, Stuttgart or another city. You will always find a competent expert in his field near you, who will repair your gearbox quickly and easily.


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