Career Prospects In The Automotive Industry

The career possibilities in the automotive industry are endless. Across the United States of America, the industry employed over 2 million people in 2017 and accounts for upto 3.5 percent of the country’s GDP according to figures released by Select USA in 2017. The job prospects are expansive and continue to evolve each year, as the country’s technological capabilities progress. Whether it is a manufacturing apprenticeship straight out of college, a career working in the used car sector or an office based career supporting the rise of electric cars, there are many opportunities to have your dream career in the automotive industry.

Get Into The Retail World

A retail career in the automotive industry can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding. As of February 2018, vehicle registration in the United States of America grew by 27 percent, with 17,518,926 new cars being sold. This tells you that the car retail industry is still going strong and continues to grow. The sector offers exciting opportunities to work with cars, good career progression and also opportunities to gain other skills such as sales and management abilities.

The base retail salary for dealership positions can hover between $23,000 to $95,000 per annum and upwards with the opportunity for further commissions and bonuses based on performance. Salaries will be dependent on the brand and state in which you choose to work. However, with the United States of America being one of the largest automotive hubs, there is an abundance of great highly rated automotive brands you can work with. Best of all, there are no formal requirements to get started in retail and the sector is projected to grow by 2 percent by 2026. If you possess great people skills and enjoy continuous on the job learning, this could be the career for you.

Pioneer The Future Of The Industry

For those looking to be more creative and innovative, careers in the engineering and design element of the industry would be a great point of entry. Recent support for electric cars stemming from the pursuit of a sustainable economy has seen automakers joining states as they actively encourage Americans to buy electric cars automotive giants such as Ford and Daimler have continued to increase their investments into electric vehicle production and research, which has been driven by the need for  continuous innovation when it comes to cars. With this new push, the demand for electronic engineers and chemist have increased as the industry navigates the management of new elements such as the charging systems and batteries. To support students, the American Government plugs over $170 billion dollars each year into federal student loans while private lenders now offer alternative financing options for those studying degrees and other vocational qualifications.

Drive The Design

Whether you choose to go the creative route and design the exterior look or to be an acoustic engineer, dealing with the passengers’ sound experience, there are many career options for you in the automotive design sector. As an automotive engineer you can choose to either go into research and development or design and can expect an average salary of $75,523, over 2 times the median wage of the country. In this sector and with experience, you can be looking at very lucrative employee compensation including benefit schemes. For students entering this aspect of the industry, they usually have a degree in a varied discipline of engineering or accreditation by a professional body such as the Institute of Mechanical Engineers or the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE). Graduates with a degree in mechanical engineering have a bright future in the industry.

Often, it is thought that the automotive industry has slowed down. In contrast, the sector continues to experience growth and an innovation driven boom. Regardless of your background, there has never been a better time to join the industry.


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