Chevrolet S-10 Transformed And Gutted Into A TURBO DIESEL MONSTER Powered By A Cummins Power Plant!!! When You Thought You’ve Seen It All…

Coming to these kinds of events is so exciting and seeing a Chevrolet S-10 turbo diesel is more than exciting. This is the best truck that is on the parking lot and thanks to the team who built it we have a full presentation of it now. How cool it is that this Chevrolet S-10 turbo is powered by a Dodge Cummins power plant under the hood? There was a huge cloud of black smoke and everybody knew that the Cummins in the Chevy S10 turbo is doing something great and powerful. The coal rollin machine sounds like crazy even when idle, and at high revs better cover your ears.

This pickup truck has been under some very serious modification and tuning and after months of work it is ready to be shown to the world. And why not? This is one cool ride and everybody should know about it. The black color on the body has been done by a pro and we can tell that by the shine that it has. Although the rims are chromed, maybe they could have gone with much bigger ones than these, as bigger and oversized wheels make the vehicle look much better than it is.

When the guy popped the hood there was a great surprise coming to us. The Dodge Cummins turbocharged engine has a turbine that is much bigger than the stock one, maybe double the size. Now the engine is placing 750 HP to the wheels of this vehicle that is more than enough to make a 9 seconds run in the quarter mile drag race track. It will not pass too much time when we will be able to see this coal rolling machine on the drag race track making its opponents look like they are standing in place not racing.


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