CHEVY OPALA V8 Small Block Armored With Fueltech FT500 Is A BLOODTHIRSTY NITROUS MONSTER On The Drag Strip!!! 0 To 303km/H In 7.3s!!!

Seeing this Chevy Opala on the drag strip maybe is the best thing to see there. No other car came near it in the run because when the nitrous is released it is time to scrape the asphalt, rushing to the finish line like no other. The man who drives this crazy thing is the man who built it and he is not too shy to tell the story about the car. Well why be shy when you own the Opala that is going to smoke up all the opponents that came in your way? And having that nitrous boost in the back means that if some car came to the tail just push the button and get it over with. Not giving hope to anyone the Chevrolet Opala nitrous monster is the ace on the drag strip.

There is the large blower on the hood that is sticking out. This is the part that is letting the engine to breathe freely and to get the clean air that it needs. And this powerful small block V8 engine needs a lot of air in order to burn the fuel properly. The team members that are standing next to the Chevy Opala are holding the car in one place as the driver does the burnout in order to make the tires ready for race. This is the most crucial part before starting the race and the smoke that came out was so promising.

Reaching the stunning 303 KM per hour mark was done in just 7.3 seconds. There was no other car on this drag race strip that done this same thing and that’s why this Chevy Opala was so worth of mentioning it. Now we get to see the nitrous tanks released into the engine as well, that is the best sight of them all.


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