Chips and Cracks: When to Repair or Replace a Damaged Windscreen

Rocks bouncing off your windshield is always scary, but sometimes, it can leave lasting damage to your car and even crack or chip your windscreen! If you come across a particularly angry rock that chooses to damage your windscreen, you will have two options before you: repair or replacement. But who do you know which one to choose and when? Stay here to find out how to properly care about your car!

Chips vs. cracks

What’s a chip and what’s a crack in the windshield world? Well, while it might sound subtle, the difference is actually quite significant when it comes to the visual representation. A chip is any small damage caused by breaking away a portion of the glass. Usually, small cracks are nothing to be concerned about, but they can become the trigger for larger cracks to appear. On the other hand, cracks are lines where a piece of glass is starting to separate. Cracks can start small, but they usually grow over time. Exposure to the heat of the sun or winter air can cause the glass to expand and contract which can affect the cracks in your windshield and result in larger and more serious damage.

When to choose repair?

If you’re trying to save up some money or just want to be frugal and sustainable, you might want to opt for windshield repair. This process is often cheaper than replacement, and if you see the right people, repair can make your windscreen look like new. However, the possibility of repair depends on various things: the type of damage, the size of the damage, the location of the blemish, the quantity of chips and cracks…

In general, cracks small enough to fit under a dollar bill can be repaired. On the other hand, chips under two inches in size and under 3/8 of an inch in depth can be repaired. The placement of the damage plays a role in repair, but not a big one. Usually, everything that strikes the middle of your windshield away from the driver’s side can be repaired. Pro tip: if you have windscreen damage that’s fit for repair, don’t wait long. Even small cracks can spread quickly and cause you to miss the window of repair.

When to choose a replacement?

If an object completely shattered your windshield or flew straight through it, it’s more than obvious you can’t go for repair anymore. However, the damage to the glass is not always that obvious! In many cases, even small cracks or chips will require you to skip repair and go for replacement.

In general, having more than two cracks on your windscreen will result in a replacement. After a certain amount of glass damage, the windscreen will lose integrity and stop protecting you properly. Also, if your crack is bigger than 14 inches, replacement might be necessary, especially if the inner layer of plastic between two sheets of glass gets exposed to the elements for too long. Harsh weather conditions like those in Australia can quickly affect the integrity of the glass. Luckily, quick windscreen replacement in Sydney is always a possibility, so you can be safely on the road in no time. For all of these reasons above, the replacement might be necessary even if there’s an option of repair.

It’s best to call professionals

When dealing with windscreen damage, it’s always important to think about your safety and the safety of your passengers. You might think a chip or a crack is small enough to ignore, but it can quickly get larger or even affect your visibility or the strength of your protective glass (this is especially important in collisions). Professionals can handle your issues quickly and expertly and ensure you and your family is safe in your car.

DIY solutions

If you’re sure in your abilities to repair cracks, you can look into some windscreen repair kits. There are different products on the market and they are not all created equal. Look into online reviews and look for a kit that’s easy and safe to use for civilians. Mostly, these kits cost anywhere from $10 to $20, depending on the brand. Some kits give quick results, while some require the resin to set a little bit longer, the latter ones might produce clean and clear results with your cracks and chips hardly visible.

Windshield damage should be taken seriously and now that you know just how dangerous it can be for your safety, you will surely try to repair your glass or replace it as soon as possible. No matter if you opt for DIY repair or professional replacement, your car will be safer for future use.


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